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AngularJS - Top 10 Tips

John Lindquist (JetBrains)
Front End Libraries, HTML5, CSS3, and Browser Tech
Location: Salon 9 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
(4.57, 14 ratings)

John created the AngularJS homepage videos, the AngularJS video site (, and has been training developers on AngularJS since its inception. He’s picked up on many tricks and tips along the way and also seen where developers struggle with the concepts. He’ll teach the workflows and concepts that can only be learned through experience working across many different applications.

John Lindquist


John is the creator of a leading video channel with >10,000 subscribers and >1,500,000 video views. John is also a Technology Evangelist at JetBrains (

John has spent the majority of his career developing Rich Web Applications. Before joining JetBrains, he was a Technical Architect at Roundarch ( leading large teams in building the latest and greatest in web apps for the Air Force, HBO, and Bloomberg.