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Web Components in Action

Michael Bleigh (Divshot)
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Workshop Prerequisites

To be prepared for the workshop you will need to have recently-installed working versions of git, bower, and node.js/npm.

In this workshop we will be using Bower, the front-end package management system. In addition, you will need to clone the git repository with examples and exercises to fully participate. Before you come tomorrow, you should:

  • Install git or one of the GitHub clients for your operating system.
  • Install Node.js on your system
  • Install Bower by entering “npm install -g bower” into the terminal
  • Install the dev channel of Chrome for your machine
  • Go to chrome://flags and enable “Experimental Web Platform Features” and “HTML Imports”

Workshop Description

Attendees will learn the what, why, and how of the Web Components specification as well as practical applications you can use today by leveraging the Polymer library. Topics will include:

  • What are Web Components?
    • Custom Elements
    • Shadow DOM
    • Template Tags
    • Template Binding
  • Why use Web Components?
  • Using Web Components Today
    • Browser Compatibility
    • Polymer
    • X-Tags
  • Building Interface Components
    • Defining a Schema
    • Building the Custom Element
    • Using Your Custom Component
    • Packaging and Distributing Components
  • Building Non-Visual Components
Photo of Michael Bleigh

Michael Bleigh


Michael is a JavaScript and Ruby developer and the CEO/Cofounder of Divshot, a browser-based front-end development platform. He has been working to make web development better through open source contributions (such as OmniAuth, Grape, and Themestrap) as well as by speaking at events including as RailsConf, Confoo, Open Source Bridge, and OSCON.

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Rick Hedin
03/11/2014 3:57am PDT

What is the exact url to download dev channel Chrome? I have tried several ways to find it, and have failed. Thanks, Rick

Picture of Peter Cooper
Peter Cooper
03/11/2014 12:59am PDT

Hi Rick, have you made it into the conference area yet? It should be opening at 8am. If you can’t find it, get in the elevator and head down to B2 as it’s on the lowest level underneath the hotel. There you’ll find registration, maps, all our signage, etc :-)

Rick Hedin
03/11/2014 12:55am PDT

Where is this thing? I am in the Marriott. Nowhere does it say where to come. There’s a time. Rick