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Top Rated Talks from Fluent 2013

Each week we're reaching into the Fluent video archives and pulling out some of Fluent's best sessions from 2013. All of the these talks were highly rated by attendees and are still relevant and full of good information. If you like what you see, make sure to check out the lineup of workshops and sessions for Fluent 2014.

Implementing Hypermedia Clients - Mike Amundsen

Posted February 27, 2014

Implementing Hypermedia Clients
Mike Amundsen (Layer 7 Technologies)

Coding hypermedia clients need not be ugly nor complicated. In his top-rated talk from Fluent 2013, Layer 7 Principal API Architect Mike Amundsen shows you how to write clean, adaptive code that responds to changes in data and workflow requirements over time. This talk covers the truth (both good and bad) about hypermedia client coding and includes examples of several client models that handle evolvable hypermedia APIs without sacrificing user experience or requiring Herculean effort on the part of developers.

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Posted February 20, 2014

How To (Semi-)Automate JavaScript Refactoring
Giles Bowkett (at large)

Refactoring bad code can be tedious, repetitive work. But tedious, repetitive work is for computers to do. Find out how you can build a happy little refactoring droid which can do (at least some of) the boring parts of your job for you. This talk Giles Bowkett covers the principles of automated refactoring, including tactics and low-hanging fruit; automated refactoring projects he's done for consulting clients; silly but effective hacks which misuse JSLint for fun and profit; automated refactoring and similarity-detection systems he's built in JavaScript and Ruby; and new parsing libraries using Node.js which make the process much easier.


Posted February 6, 2014

Go Node Without Code
Brian Rinaldi (Adobe Systems)

Many designers and developers don't realize that, even if they have no interest in doing server side JavaScript development, NodeJS offers a wide array of useful command line tools that they can integrate to improve their development workflow. In this top-rated talk from Fluent 2013, Brian Rinaldi covers a handful of examples including UglifyJS, Grunt, GruntIcon, JSHint and HTTPster. He walks through what each tool is useful for, how to install them, how to configure them, and show them in use. By the end of this talk, developers and designers should have a handful of tools they can use today, and an awareness of the types of CLI tools being built with Node.


Posted January 29, 2014

Rich Web UIs with Knockout.js
Steven Sanderson (Microsoft)

Knockout.js helps you to build sophisticated, dynamic web UIs, by providing a clean Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture and a powerfully expressive system of declarative bindings. In this demo-filled session, Knockout’s creator Steve Sanderson will quickly show how you can get started with this popular JavaScript library.


Posted January 21, 2014

pushState to the Future: Progressive Enhancement Using HTML5 pushState
Todd Kloots (Twitter)

Todd Kloots, a Software Engineer at Twitter, gives an overview of the pushState API, a summary of Twitter's implementation on both the server and the client, and details some of the pitfalls and gotchas they experienced along the way.

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