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Sylvain Zimmer

Sylvain Zimmer
Founder, dotConferences


Sylvain is a hacker at heart turned entrepreneur.

In 2004 he founded Jamendo, today the largest Creative Commons music platform. He later co-founded Joshfire, TEDxParis and the dotJS conference. In 2011 his team won the Node Knockout in the “Completeness” category with Chess@home, a distributed Chess AI written entirely in JavaScript.

He also solved the hidden equation in the “How to remain calm” Chromebook ad and recently became one of the first Google Developer Experts for HTML5.


Sylvain Zimmer (dotConferences)
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Crawlers and scrapers have been around for ages. However, being able to write them easily in JavaScript has been a significant advance in recent years because there is now little that a browser can do and a scraper can't. Brace yourselves for the next chapter in the struggle between scrapers and data protecters! Read more.


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