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Emily Nakashima

Emily Nakashima
Engineer, Honeycomb


Emily Nakashima is a UI Engineer and Team Lead at ModCloth. She spends her spare time trying to stuff design skills into developers, and developer skills into other, non-developer people. She’s a primary contributor to the RailsBridge Front End Curriculum and a RailsBridge volunteer. She also likes to make furniture and sneak up on her coworkers from behind while they’re concentrating.


Rachel Myers (Google), Emily Nakashima (Honeycomb)
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There are lots of tools for tracking page load times — but as the web goes mobile, applications get asynchronous, and functionality moves to the browser, the meaning of “site performance” is changing. Most measuring tools haven’t caught up yet. We’ll talk about how to measure your users’ experiences beyond time to window load. #backbone #ember #html5 #mobile #performance #tools Read more.


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