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Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors
Interaction Developer and Cartoonist,

Website | @RachelNabors

Rachel Nabors is a front end developer, UI engineer, and award-winning cartoonist in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has given talks on topics ranging from wabi-sabi to how comics apply to UX. A serial tea abuser, she can be found, late at night, inking comics about github or drawing her own loading spinners. You can follow her work at and @CrowChick


Rachel Nabors (
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Learn how to make a browser-based animated music video using CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, and less JavaScript than you'd think! Load assets, loop music, and fire events using JavaScript. Animate images and backgrounds with CSS3. This talk is an excellent introduction to CSS3’s shiniest features and the ins and outs HTML5’s audio API. Read more.
East Lounge (Table A)
Rachel Nabors (
*CSS animations *HTML5 audio and the Web Audio API *Flashless interactions *The state of web animation and its implications for future web and browser development comics. (And there will be doodles.) Read more.


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