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Presentation slides will be made available after the session has concluded and the speaker has given us the files. Check back if you don't see the file you're looking for—it might be available later! (However, please note some speakers choose not to share their presentations.)

Almost two decades after the birth of JavaScript, I will give an update to my "JavaScript at 17" keynote last year, including the latest on the next version of the JS language, ES6.
The world seems a lot harder than it used to be. It's easy to stop and think that being nice has gone out of fashion, only to be replaced by sharp, aggressive rhetoric. Despite today's internet and business climate, you can still get amazing opportunities, meet interesting people, and succeed by being nice. This is the story of how saying "thank you" altered the course of my life and career.
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In this session, we'll be diving deep into the various JavaScript APIs (primarily getUserMedia and PeerConnection) that make all of this possible. We'll also go through the process of building a real WebRTC powered web app and discuss some ways in which these apps can be deployed in the real world.
This talk will give an overview of what is most likely going to be in ECMAScript 6.
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In this session Angry Birds uncover concepts of modern JavaScript development. Each bird represents an area of JavaScript along with its strengths. Some topics covered include code organization, events and messaging, MV* frameworks, prototyping and mocking, design patterns, linting, and build systems. The goal is to defeat the pigs and by doing so produce highly tested quality JavaScript code.
HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development.


With iOS 6, Chrome, and IE10 we can now push the limits of JavaScript and HTML5 APIs. Lots of APIs are out there. However, not everything is similar to desktop: performance, background code and storage needs a review. This session will give you an overview of what you need to know, including labs testing on your own phone on progressive enhancement, feature detection and HTML5 APIs.
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Browser versions are now just meaningless & arbitrary marketing labels. We've all been fed a lie that web sites/apps should look/act identical in all browsers. That lie is holding our industry back. It's time we embrace standards and feature-testing and graceful degradation. Push back on bosses & clients and show them how the web really works.
Learn how to build a fully working webapp from scratch, from building models, views, controllers, through writing tests, all the way to automating the drudgery.
From the ground up introduction to the field of web performance optimization: network bottlenecks, the document parsing and evaluation pipeline, visual layout, javascript, and more. We'll investigate each in order and then pull it all together through case studies and hands-on examples.
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HTML5 has emerged as an open Rich Internet Application platform to rival Adobe Flash. HTML5 combined with WebGL can go even further, providing the most compelling user experiences imaginable. This session with Web3D pioneer and 3D expert Tony Parisi will cover HTML5 and WebGL development topics including rendering, animation, 2D/3D integration, multi-threaded programming and the tools pipeline.
How do you take a large titan like PayPal and move it from a culture of a long shelf life to a culture of rapid experimentation? You set the UI free by adding liberal doses of NodeJS, JavaScript templating & libraries, JSON, Github and Lean Startup/UX. Bill will explain the transformation that is in process to revolutionize the technical and experience stack at PayPal.
The problem of getting women and minorities into the tech industry is daunting, and guilt inducing. If we were to examine it as a programming construct, it would be an infinite and unproductive loop. Tech organizations typically break this loop manually, leaving the best of intentions by the wayside. This talk will take an agile approach to refactoring the problem into algorithms for change.
In the past year since I spoke at Fluent, HTML5 game development has been growing exponentially. While a lot of the techniques I spoke about before have stayed the same such as using Canvas for high performance 2d rendering, using requestAnimationFrame for building highly responsive game loops and audio which is continuing to improve......
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Learn how to make a browser-based animated music video using CSS3 animations, HTML5 audio, and less JavaScript than you'd think! Load assets, loop music, and fire events using JavaScript. Animate images and backgrounds with CSS3. This talk is an excellent introduction to CSS3’s shiniest features and the ins and outs HTML5’s audio API.
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Pick an element, any element. Style it. Manipulate it. No IDs. No classes. No jQuery necessary. We'll learn all the new features of selectors in CSS and JavaScript that enable you to select this DOM node, that DOM node, and even an imaginary DOM node based on attributes, relation to other elements, location in the DOM, or just an element's....
Come get practical guidance and best practices on how to turn your HTML5, and JavaScript into a great Windows app including touch-enablement, adopting the Windows look and feel, and system integration. This session will jump start you to start building Windows 8 apps with the skills you already have.
Lea Verou, Developer Advocate, W3C
Since the release of jQuery 1.5, Promises have taken the JavaScript world by storm, providing a versatile solution for coordinating multiple async events. In this talk, we'll go beyond the basics to see how Promises can be used for common control flow scenarios, such as running an array of async tasks in series or in parallel. You might be surprised at how versatile Promises can be!
Learn one of the hottest front-end frameworks and incorporate it into your work tomorrow. Follow along and learn how to build a Bootstrap-based website from scratch, incorporating the responsive grid system, see the basic CSS in action, incorporate Javascript-based components, and customize CSS using LESS.
Let's dive into the latest improvements to developer tools that support your productivity in authoring JavaScript experiences.
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Jen Kramer will talk with you about her 3 hour Bootstrap workshop, answering questions pertaining to the framework. We'll also discuss your real-world experiences with it. Which is better, Bootstrap or Foundation? (Right, it depends! But on what?) How do you sell responsive design to your boss?
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*CSS animations *HTML5 audio and the Web Audio API *Flashless interactions *The state of web animation and its implications for future web and browser development comics. (And there will be doodles.)
Since the dawn of Ajax, web apps have been moving more and more to the client in the interest of improving speed and delivering a more responsive user experience. With the same goals in mind, we've gone a different direction, rebuilding on the principle of Progressive Enhancement, specifically using server-side rendering with support for pushState layered on top.
Working remotely is a skill that can be learned. To be successful, you must not only master new disciplines but you must help others you work with see remote working as a mutual benefit. We will cover a brief overview of how to achieve geographic freedom in your job while arming you with skills to make you a more effective worker.
Keynote by Dion Almaer,VP, Mobile Architecture, & Ben Galbraith, VP, Mobile Engineering,
How Web technology is driving the evolution of reading and writing, and what O'Reilly is doing about it.
Superconductor is a new browser language for building interactive visualizations of big data sets of up to one million nodes. It achieves this by automatically synthesizing parallel WebCL and WebGL code that runs on a GPU. This talk will discuss the future of data visualization, low-level parallel JavaScript extensions, and building an efficient yet usable framework that combines them.
In this talk, Irene will start from the basics - the data, and go over the process of turning it into valuable visual interfaces and visualizations. From basic concepts in data visualization to common pitfalls, this talk will provide a foundation for learning how to create data visualization.
How to build systems with longevity by using great projects like Node.js, Google V8 engine, Express.js, Scrumblr, Sublime Text, and Ubuntu Linux to allow scientists to measure the neurological effect of compounds through game play.
A delightful photographic essay about how accepting imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence into your life can increase your productivity and happiness.
This talk will explore the pitfalls of "abstraction magic", and promote the successes that full stack understanding can bring to your projects, and even career.
Despite the growing popularity of mobile web browsing, the energy consumed by a phone browser while surfing the web is poorly understood. We present an infrastructure for measuring the precise energy used by a mobile browser to render web pages. Our tools are sufficiently precise to measure the energy needed to render individual web elements, such as CSS, Javascript, images, and plug-in objects.
Use what you already know of web technologies to build great apps for Windows 8. Learn what the Windows platform offers; how apps are structured with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; the fundamentals of the WinRT API; using the Windows Library for JavaScript and third party libraries; using HTML and platform controls; and an introduction to the Windows Store.


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