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Office Hour with Kane Baccigalupi

Office Hour East Lounge (Table A)

Practical ways to build diversity in your engineering team by:

  • enhancing the existing diversity in your team
  • improving engineering culture

Kane Baccigalupi

gSchool, Galvanize

Kane Baccigalupi has been building technology-based startups since 2005. She has held a variety of roles from Founder/CTO, to Agile Development Consultant. Before working in the startup world, she did engineering work on the largest particle accelerator in the world. She went to school for Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley, and Fine Art at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Kane Baccigalupi
05/27/2013 11:25pm PDT

My talk starts focused on the mis-comprehension that diversity in tech is about women, but ends talking about how diversity is anything that broadens perspective and conversation.

The office hours should be more of the same. It is a scant amount of time to talk about the subjects, and is focused on solutions.

Picture of Raymond Hunter
Raymond Hunter
05/27/2013 4:41pm PDT

i would like to know what is meant specifically by “diversity”. i came across this last year and my impression of what most folks were discussing about “diversity” had more to do with women and lgbt colleagues, as opposed to the longer overlooked aspect of racial diversity. is this more of the same?


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