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Office Hour with Leo Meyerovich and Matt Torok (Superconductor creators)

East Lounge (Table A)

We’ll hold an informal tutorial and chat on Superconductor. Stop by to:

  • Meet the project leads, Matt and Leo
  • Learn more about Superconductor and massive visualizations on the web
  • Install Superconductor (reqs: OS X 10.7+ with an nVidia GPU) and write your first Superconductor visualization
  • Chat about the future of parallel browser technology (web workers, WebCL, WebGL) and web DSLs / compilers

See you there!

Photo of Leo Meyerovich

Leo Meyerovich


Leo Meyerovich researches system and language design at UC Berkeley and is the lead for the Superconductor big data visualization language. He specializes in parallel browsers, JavaScript security, and the social foundations of programming languages. Earlier, he was the head developer of the Flapjax language for functional reactive web programming, which led to various commercial and open source projects.

Photo of Matthew Torok

Matthew Torok

UC Berkeley

As part of UC Berkeley’s Parallel Computing Laboratory, Matthew researches methods for parallelizing the browser, GPU parallelization and programming languages. Along with Leo Meyerovich, he leads the Superconductor project, tackling big data visualization in the browser.

Matthew has been programming JavaScript since the days when it was necessary to detect whether the browser was Netscape or Internet Explorer, and still sometimes lets slip a ‘DHTML’ in casual conversation. Prior to Berkeley, he worked as a freelance web programmer.


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