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Advanced jQuery Techniques

Front End Frameworks and Libraries Continental 4
Workshop Please note: to attend, your registration must include Workshops on Tuesday.
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Join appendTo’s Elijah Manor for a dive into advanced topics surrounding the front-end with jQuery. Utilize the jQuery library in the context of large-scale applications by learning how to dramatically improve performance, increase maintainability and reusability, and write cleaner and more concise code. Learn how to adopt a style that is maintainable and scalable while keeping simplicity as a core tenant for successful web development.

Photo of Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor


Elijah Manor is a senior software engineer at LeanKit, as well as a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, IE userAgent, and Pluralsight author. A Christian and a family man, Elijah blogs at and tweets about the things he learns.

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Scott Leonard
06/03/2013 4:41am PDT

I went to review your workshop and somehow misplaced the files. Are these still available somewhere? I cant find the gist either.

Picture of Elijah Manor
Elijah Manor
05/28/2013 8:16am PDT

I have updated the private gist that we used during the workshop. You’ll see an & a link to the jQuery Plugin I made during the session

Picture of Blake Winton
Blake Winton
05/28/2013 6:33am PDT

Scott: I don’t believe they are, but if you have trouble remembering or re-creating them, feel free to email me, and I’ll help you out.

Picture of Scott Ellsworth
Scott Ellsworth
05/28/2013 4:49am PDT

Are the exercise solutions posted?


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