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Building Rich Web Applications with Ember.js

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Ember.js is the most advanced client-side JavaScript framework available today.

Created by Yehuda Katz (core contributor to Ruby on Rails and jQuery) and Tom Dale (a former core developer of Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe), the framework takes inspiration from the best parts of SproutCore and provides optimistic server updates, automatically-updating data-reactive templates and sensible defaults for common patterns to dramatically increase developer productivity.

This session will walk through the construction of a full demo application, using the open-source to provide back-end-code-free, real-time data synchronization through Ember’s standard Ember-Data persistence mechanism.

We’ll start with an overview of the problem Ember is trying to solve and the application structure before delving into the technical details. First we’ll use Ember’s persistence layer to set up models and synchronize structured data between browser windows. Next we’ll use Ember’s data bindings to combine with views and controllers to automatically both update the application’s user interface in response to data changes, and vice-versa. Finally, we’ll tie the application together with Ember’s routing layer to show how transient application state and user-interactions are handled.

Attendees should leave the session with a solid understanding of how to structure their Ember-based rich client apps.

Gabriel Grant

Independent Contracting

As web lead at DotCloud, Gabriel spent his time mashing together Python with both browser- and Node.js-based JavaScript to create a best-of-both-world application used by thousands of developers.


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