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Migrating to Backbone.js

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At the Levo League we make heavy use of JavaScript within our stack. Our development team has guidelines in order to maintain code organization and structure; we knew that we would eventually adopt a client-side framework or library as our web application grew. As a full stack developer, I took the lead on the learning about and comparing the pros and cons of various frameworks and libraries, and tested them by creating few test apps. After deciding on using Backbone.js, our challenge was to apply what we’d tested on a smaller scale to our existing codebase. Before we could implement we had to figure out how many models we needed and how many would be collections; we also had to take into account the number of views associated with each model/collection and if there was a need for routes and events.

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Rushaine McBean


Rushaine McBean is a junior full stack developer at the Levo League. She primarily codes in JavaScript and turns to Ruby(Ruby on Rails or Sinatra) and Node.js frequently to power her web applications.

Before entering the dev.cave at the Levo League, Rushaine was earning her undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Hunter College. When she isn’t writing code, she’s either listening to music or getting developer swag.


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