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How To: Make Fast Design-Decisions as a Developer

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Web development has never been easier. Thanks to the Open Source movement we’re now armed with zillions of open source frameworks, libraries, and tools to help get our mvps out of the door, faster. But with more tools available to us, comes more choice. And particularly choices we don’t always feel we’re qualified to make or in the even more common cases, choices that require time and additional research to consider a tool’s impact on the eco-system of our web applications.

Some of these decisions are more design heavy, while others can be purely performance-based. In any case, every frontender could use some help in this area.

And while I certainly can’t speak for the entire frontend community, I can speak for GitHub and the tools we use, every day to keep our culture of fast and more importantly, smart decision-making when it comes to designing, building, and shipping products.

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Julie Horvath


Julie Ann Horvath is not a robot. She does a lot of: Designing, coding, and writing. And a little less: Traveling, speaking, and obsessing over Great White Sharks. She currently resides in San Francisco and works as a Designer and FrontEnder at GitHub proper.


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