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What's New with Dart: Spoiler, lots!

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Building a modern web app generally requires more than just platform primitives. You need productive tools, a package manager, intelligent compilers, rich libraries, sane semantics, modularity, polyfills for the latest and greatest features, and more. Learn how Dart brings it all together and gives you a consistent and coherent platform that runs across all modern browsers.

Sure, Dart is a new class-based, object oriented, structured yet dynamic language with lexical scope, type annotations, isolate based concurrency, libraries, and more. Dart is also and comprehensive ecosystem, complete with Dart Editor, the pub package manager, core libraries, unit tests and mocks, headless browser testing, Future and Stream based DOM, and more. Most importantly, Dart compiles to JavaScript and runs across modern web browsers.

Special attention will be given to Web UI, Dart’s implementation of Web Components and Model-Driven Views. Use new platform features today, for true encapsulation, custom components, and dynamic live data binding.

Dart has evolved and matured since last year, and with its stable language and stable core libraries, you can start to use it today! Join Seth Ladd, Developer Advocate at Google, for a tour of all the latest and greatest from the Dart project and community.

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Seth Ladd


Seth is a Web Engineer and Dart Developer Advocate at Google. He is a book author, a conference organizer, and fancies a game of badminton.


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