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Fluent 2013 Call for Participation

Call closed 11:59pm 12/14/2012 PST.

Fluent is an annual conference dedicated to showcasing and sharing the latest knowledge about Web technology and developing for the Web platform using JavaScript, HTML5 and similar technologies. Do you have web development, JavaScript, or HTML5 lessons and experiences to share? We encourage you to send us a proposal to speak at Fluent 2013!

We’re interested in many aspects of the Web as a platform::

  • JavaScript performance and optimization
  • Web browser technology and performance
  • Graphics and game development for Web and mobile using HTML5
  • Using Web technologies to build native apps (e.g. PhoneGap, Windows 8)
  • Data visualization tools and techniques
  • UI and user experience creation through Web technologies
  • How to write and test modular JavaScript apps
  • Languages that compile to JavaScript (CoffeeScript, Dart, TypeScript, etc.)
  • JavaScript library development and deployment
  • ECMAScript and upcoming JavaScript features
  • Mobile-targeted web application development
  • Structural and MVC frameworks (e.g. Backbone.js, Spine, Knockout.js)
  • JavaScript frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Ext JS 4)
  • Node.js and other server-side runtimes

Remember, what’s old to you may be new to someone else. While we definitely want the latest and greatest, strong tellings of how to make things work better will appeal to a broad audience.

New to the speaking circuit? Don’t fear, we want to hear from you too! We’re actively seeking new voices and off-the-beaten-path topics to put on stage at Fluent. Any ideas, best practices, challenges, etc. that you’ve encountered and conquered are fair game—if it’s important to you, it’s probably important for others as well.

The deadline for all proposals is 11:59pm PST on December 14, 2012. We’d love to hear what you’re working on and thinking about—submit your proposal for a session or workshop.

You’ll be asked to include the following information for your proposal:

  • Proposed title
  • Overview and extended descriptions of the presentation: main idea, sub-topics, conclusion
  • Audience level: beginners? pros? A wider range?
  • Suggested track
  • Speaker(s): expertise and summary biography
  • Video (see the Tips for Submitting a Proposal section below for more information on the video requirement)

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations:

  • 20-minute presentations
  • 40-minute presentations
  • 3-hour workshops

Limited speaking opportunities are also available through conference sponsorship. Contact Sharon Cordesse at (707) 827-7065 or for more information.

Tips for Submitting a Proposal

Help us understand why your presentation is the right one for Fluent.

  • Tell a unique story. Our audiences love presentations that focus on real-world scenarios, relevant examples, and knowledge transfer.
  • Include as much detail about the presentation as possible. The longer the talk you’re proposing, the more detail you should provide.
  • Context is important. If your presentation is about something truly ground-breaking, it will be helpful to the reviewers if you describe it in terms of things that attendees might already know of.
  • Choose the right length for your talk. If your topic needs 40 minutes, definitely plan a 40-minute talk. If it’s something smaller, don’t try to stretch a 20-minute talk into 40 minutes.
  • Explain why people will want to attend: is your topic gaining traction? Is it critical to modern business? Will attendees learn how to use it, program it, or just what it is?
  • Keep proposals free of marketing and sales. Product pitches are automatic rejects. Lessons learned from building or running your product, however, can be invaluable.
  • Post compelling video. Video clips are mandatory. Submissions for single speakers and co-presenters must include video clips of the presenter(s); panels must include video of at least the moderator. If you don’t have video of the speaker(s) in action at an event, please create a very short clip (2-3 minutes) of the presenter(s) proposing his/hers/their session. We don’t care at all about the quality of the video; we care about the quality of the speakers. If your video isn’t already online, post it to a third-party site (YouTube is fine), and then share the link with us. Note: please do not submit a video of a 60-minute panel presentation that happens to include you as a panelist. If the video doesn’t feature you, or if it takes 18 minutes to find your segment, it’s not going to help us; instead, please create a short clip for us.
  • Come from the presenter. The vast majority of proposals we accept are submitted by the presenters themselves, not by PR firms. We’re not looking to discriminate against flacks, but the data is clear: most of the lowest-rated proposals we get come from PR firms, which makes us skeptical when we see that the proposer is not a presenter. If you’re a PR person, improve your chances by working closely with the presenter(s) to write a jargon-free proposal that’s got clear value for attendees. And don’t forget to include video of the presenters.
  • Include people we don’t see often enough at tech conferences. Does your presentation have the participation of a woman, person of color, or member of another group often underrepresented at tech conferences? Diversity is one of the factors we seriously consider when reviewing proposals as we seek to broaden our speaker roster.

Important Dates

  • Proposals Due: December 14, 2012
  • Speakers will be notified beginning early January 2013
  • Registration opens Late January 2013

Code of Conduct

We expect all participants, including speakers, to support our Code of Conduct, the core of which is this: an O’Reilly conference should be a safe and productive environment for everyone. Read more »

Submit a Proposal


For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at Fluent conference, contact Sharon Cordesse at (707) 827-7065 or

Download the Fluent Sponsor/Exhibitor Prospectus

For information on trade opportunities with O'Reilly conferences contact Jaimey Walking Bear at mediapartners

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