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Fluent 2013 Is a Wrap

Thank you for making Fluent 2013 such a success. Check out the list of upcoming Fluent events around the world.

In the meantime, if you missed anything at the conference, get the Fluent 2013 Complete Video Compilation - with recordings of all keynotes, sessions, and workshops. Sign up for the O'Reilly Programming Newsletter for the latest in programming-related news and Fluent event updates.

More Fluent video on YouTube: 20122013

Session Comments

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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz commented on Developing Mobile Applications with PhoneGap
Like the humour a lot, and the content even better. Cordova is a pretty cool technology and Ray answered questions pretty well.

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Scott Leonard commented on Advanced jQuery Techniques
I went to review your workshop and somehow misplaced the files. Are these still available somewhere? I cant find the gist either.


Master the technologies driving the Web

Explore the changing worlds of JavaScript, HTML5, and more

Position yourself for success with Fluent

The O'Reilly Fluent Conference is the key event for web and mobile developers, software engineers, and others to gather and learn from each other - drawing a thousand of the best coders in the industry. This year, Fluent will bring together an even broader range of individuals and organizations and drill even deeper into the essential technologies and tools that power the Web. Fluent happens May 28-30, 2013 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Hear from the best and most original thinkers

Fluent's lineup of speakers includes seasoned pros as well as notable newcomers; they are set apart by their passion for the technology and willingness to share their expertise. But it's not a one-way channel—you'll connect with other professionals who share your interests. Fluent is immersive, extreme learning at its best, driven by the energy and enthusiasm of all of its participants.

Featured Speakers

Stay current with the technologies that matter most

Programming languages come and go, rising to popularity today and fading from view tomorrow. This is no reflection on a language's inherent value, but a response to technological constraints and consumer expectations. Today, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and their related technologies are taking the stage as the tools that give you and your organization a distinct competitive advantage. The more adept you are with these technologies, the better you are positioned for success.

Why Fluent?

Fluent is about JavaScript and web technologies as they are being used today and with an eye to the future. In this rapidly changing landscape of web applications, mobile apps, front- and back-end technologies, gaming, UX design, and more, we're seeing rapid growth and a constant influx of new tools and practices taking their place beside the established technologies. Aside from JavaScript's importance as a language, Fluent recognizes JavaScript's vital position as a platform upon which tomorrow's languages and tools will be built. Keeping pace with these developments is both crucial and challenging.

Three days at Fluent puts you light years ahead

Fluent isn't just another JavaScript conference. At O'Reilly, we're known for recognizing the important trends in technology and bringing the best minds in the field together to explore, share, and learn. Our track record includes:

I learned a lot of new and exciting things. Can't wait to try and put some of this stuff into practice.
  • More than 30 years helping people expand their knowledge, grounded in hands-on experience with the technologies we cover
  • Groundbreaking conferences such as OSCON (open source), Velocity (web ops and performance), Strata (big data), and TOC (tools of change for publishers)
  • Creation of the first web portal ever, in 1993
  • Ongoing support of technical communities and initiatives beyond our publishing program, through activisim and personal support by our editors, authors, and developers

At the core, O'Reilly creates products that we want to use. Whatever forms these take--books, conferences, websites—we want anything produced with the O'Reilly name to be useful, interesting, and truthful. And we believe that there are plenty of intelligent, discriminating people in the world who value those qualities as deeply as we do.

Find it all this year at Fluent

Fluent's immersive environment offers extreme learning, thought-provoking visions, best practices and technologies to expand your expertise, great networking opportunities--and fun. You will:

  • Identify and master the technologies that matter most to your organization's success and your professional development
  • Learn directly from the most original and expert minds in the field
  • Connect with other professionals who face the same challenges you do and get answers to your unresolved questions
  • Take part in lively discussions, hallway encounters, after-hours events, and Bird of a Feather talks that spark your creativity
  • See the latest developments, products, services, and career trends in the happening Exhibit Hall

Who attends Fluent?

Fluent is for individuals and organizations who work with JavaScript and related technologies, including HTML, CSS, node.js, Backbone, jQuery, Ember, Dojo, CoffeeScript, and many others. If you are a software engineer, app developer, web developer, mobile platform developer, or an organization employing these people, then Fluent is for you.

Fluent's program is carefully designed to offer value to all experience levels, from entry-level developers and designers to veteran software architects, engineers, and senior management.

Make your decision today and get best pricing

Join us at Fluent, May 28–30, 2013 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. Take time today to mark your calendar, convince your boss, or better yet, reserve your spot.

Help Us Support Technology and Diversity

O'Reilly Fluent Conference is taking part in a JS community effort to foster greater diversity and technical education in our industry. We're asking Fluent registrants to consider donating to Girls Who Code when they sign up for the conference, and O'Reilly will match the total donated by attendees.

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