Schedule: Share Your Stack (10 Minute Case Studies) sessions

This track takes a look at JavaScript in real-world production environments and various stack configurations, including the newest tools available for quick, easy, reliable deployment of your apps.

Brett Kiefer (Fog Creek Software)
Average rating: ****.
(4.57, 7 ratings) is a new organization tool built completely in CoffeeScript using Node.js, Backbone.js, and WebSockets. Learn how and why we built it as we did, hear our war stories, marvel at the folly. Read more.
Kevin Nilson (Google), Julian Wong (Just Me)
Average rating: **...
(2.50, 8 ratings)
Just.Me is a stealth mode startup in the Mobile and Social space that is using Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery, Raphael(SVG), CometD(server-side push), QUnit and Test Swarm. They are not using JQueryUI. Read more.
Nick Fisher (SoundCloud)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 8 ratings)
In this talk, I'll be discussing SoundCloud's experiences with developing large-scale applications with javascript, not only at the runtime, but also our steps to make development and deployment easier. In particular, RequireJS and Backbone are looked at, and I'll talk about how we have used and abused each to suit our needs. Read more.
Sergi Mansilla (Telenor Digital)
Average rating: ****.
(4.40, 5 ratings)
In this talk, I will explain how we built real-time collaboration and how we integrated it in Cloud9 IDE using only JavaScript. I will talk about our internal architecture, the collaboration protocol, and about the future of development as we understand it in Cloud9. Read more.
Felix Sheng (
Average rating: ****.
(4.40, 5 ratings) has a suite of real time transactional APIs that manage and transmit ten’s of thousands of restaurant menu items. I will discuss how and why we use node/JS throughout our entire stack, reusing code on the client and server and my vision for scaling with nginx and cluster. Read more.
Akshay Dodeja (Picplum (Strobeo, Inc))
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 6 ratings)
Akshay Dodeja, Co-founder, Picplum Read more.
Stephen Blum (PubNub)
Average rating: **...
(2.50, 4 ratings)
PubNub was built to connect all devices on Earth, primarily those with JavaScript clients, keeping them in sync by delivering millions of messages per second. In order to achieve response times of less then .25 seconds, we have built a full stack to provide linear scalability through our global real-time messaging fabric. Read more.
Kris Rasmussen (Asana)
Average rating: ****.
(4.33, 3 ratings)
At Asana, we value developer productivity just as much as delivering an insanely fast realtime experience to our users. This talk will cover the unique technology stack we put together to accomplish both these goals and the radical new approach to web application development that it enables. Read more.
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 2 ratings)
Colingo is unlocking a P2P marketplace of buyers and sellers in the $50B market for private English lessons through instant speaking sessions structured with SpeakAssist learning tools. In this talk, learn about their end-to-end JavaScript stack, powered by Node.js, Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap, and MongoDB. Read more.


  • appendTo
  • Enyo
  • Ludei
  • Sencha
  • Appcelerator
  • Twitter
  • Infragistics
  • Code For America
  • DevChix
  • Eclipse Foundation
  • Women Who Code

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