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Presentation slides will be made available after the session has concluded and the speaker has given us the files. Check back if you don’t see the file you’re looking for—it might be available later! (However, please note some speakers choose not to share their presentations.)

In this session we tell the story of what "It just works out of the box." means for Web and Mobile applications and how "Less lines of code produces better apps." relates to business. And best, we like to use the same language everywhere: JavaScript.
In this session, we will explore the ideas behind Enyo, a new JavaScript framework that takes the ideas of encapsulation and reusable code objects into the web application and mobile worlds. We will also explore the ecosystem of new libraries built on the Enyo core, especially the Onyx user-interface system which was designed to be beautiful and usable across multiple platforms.
Bookmarklets are both a blessing and a curse. They are inherently risky from a security perspective, but also offer the only cross-browser method for instantiating an application on top of another Web page. The core of our product (www.clipboard.com) is a bookmarklet that serves as a sort of cross-site copy buffer.
Tom will show us how JavaScript is playing an important role in the Internet of Things. We'll explore what the Internet of Things is and how the event driven nature of JavaScript makes whole new classes of application possible. Expect exciting on-stage demos.
The JavaScript community is one of the most vibrant and fun groups I've ever been lucky enough to be a part of. Like any vibrant community, sometimes people don't play nicely. In this session, I will discuss what it has been like to be shy *and* be on twitter, mailing lists, and open source.
Presentation: external link
How to create and run stable, secure JavaScript widgets with the smallest chance of disastrous failure.
Learn how Enyo’s elegant object model makes it simple to build and maintain even the most complex desktop and mobile apps.
Our new wiki innovates three ways. It shares through federation, composes by refactoring and wraps data with visualization. The Smallest Federated Wiki project wants to be small in the "easy to learn powerful ideas" version of small. It wants to be a wiki so that strangers can meet and create works of value together.
WebKit is one of the most popular browser rendering engines, powering Chrome, Safari, Android and iPhones. Learn how it brings your markup to your screen! This talk will cover WebKit's history, architecture, primary data structures, main flow with a focus on layout and rendering. We'll also touch on some up and coming features.
JavaScript is well on its way to become the dominant general-purpose programming language. The present looks good and the future looks even better: Many of the things that people currently complain about will be fixed by the next version of ECMAScript (code-named ECMAScript.next). We’ll also look at steps to improve JavaScript after ECMAScript.next, some of which are not language-related.
* Whirlwind history, with dirt dished from each era (Netscape, the IE stagnation, the Ajax revolution, the modern era). * What worked well. * What didn't (JS WAT) * What's coming in ES6, and prototyped in Chrome and Firefox already. * Hot topic: JS as the universal virtual machine * Low-level typed JS (*JS) demos * Emscripten (C/C++ compiled to JS) demos *What's next
The past two years have given us a wealth of tools and editor innovation that makes developing web apps more fun and certainly more productive. Learn what a modern development workflow looks like, from editors and plugins, to authoring abstractions, testing and DVCS integration.
Modern web frameworks, libraries, and applications will grow to be more complex. Maintaining the quality of such complex system requires a set of helping tools. This talk discusses how a high-performant JavaScript parser can be used to build quality analysis tools which can perform high-level static analysis, code coverage, run-time complexity profiling, and many others.
"I love async, but I can't code like this." It's the refrain of JavaScript newcomers everywhere as event-driven code devolves into a mess of nested callbacks. Is single-threaded code sustainable in a multi-tasking, multi-core world? This talk answers that question with an emphatic "yes," thanks to a few simple techniques—most notably Promises.
Keith Fahlgren, Director of Engineering, Safari Books Online
Lea Verou, Web designer & developer, independent web evangelist
Join Ben and Dion as they discuss the role of the web in the mobile present and explore developer issues as we head into the post-PC era.
Presentation: WebGL Up and Running Presentation [PDF]
This workshop with Web3D pioneer and 3D expert Tony Parisi will introduce WebGL development concepts in a hands-on session. Attendees will learn how to build a full, working WebGL application by creating a simple online game. Topics covered include graphics, animation, interactivity, 2D/3D integration, production tools and deployment.
Learning to program is hard, and even harder when the language you're using is known for its quirks and inconsistencies. This talk explores some of the funnier moments in programming education when new programmers face these quirks head-on and the surprising outcomes that ensue.
Hiccup. We all get them occasionally. So does the Web. When an Internet or server hiccup causes a script, stylesheet, or font file to timeout, the result can be devastating - the containing web page is likely to appear completely white for a minute or more. What's worse - your monitors are unlikely to register this outage. Don't worry - this probably won't happen to your website. Or will it?


  • appendTo
  • Enyo
  • Ludei
  • Sencha
  • Appcelerator
  • Twitter
  • Infragistics
  • Code For America
  • DevChix
  • Eclipse Foundation
  • Women Who Code

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