Presentations: Pure Languages

Emphasis on JavaScript at the language level. This track focuses on the different JavaScript runtime environments, JavaScript syntax, library development, deployment, modular JavaScript apps, testing, and best practices.

As with many developers, you might be familiar with the power of regular expressions, but anything beyond the basics scares you. Fear no more young padawan! In this talk, we’ll start with the basics and progressively enhance your knowledge until you’re coding regular expressions like a champ. Everything will be demonstrated live with visual examples that ensure maximum comprehension.
If you enjoy writing JavaScript then you'll really enjoy CoffeeScript, a new language which transcompiles into JavaScript. Inspired by languages like Ruby, Python, and Haskell, it allows you to write less code to get more done. In this course students will learn the basics of CoffeeScript using the Code School in-browser challenge engine.
This presentation explains how to achieve a limited form of operator overloading in JavaScript.
Unleash the Kraken! The power of Stream based development in node.js is powerful indeed, but when combined with functional programming techniques to transform and control the flow of your stream, they're absolutely unstoppable. You'll never look at asynchronous coding in node the same way again.
Interested in test-driving your JavaScript? Jasmine is a low-dependency library that lets you unit test your JS just like you test your other code. Come learn the syntax and some tips and tricks for making more robust JS anywhere you need it.
Modern web frameworks, libraries, and applications will grow to be more complex. Maintaining the quality of such complex system requires a set of helping tools. This talk discusses how a high-performant JavaScript parser can be used to build quality analysis tools which can perform high-level static analysis, code coverage, run-time complexity profiling, and many others.
Writing JavaScript for fun and writing it professionally are two different things. Learn the practices that make JavaScript maintainable over the long run, reducing errors and making your code easily adaptable to future changes.
Brendan Eich, CTO, Mozilla
"I love async, but I can't code like this." It's the refrain of JavaScript newcomers everywhere as event-driven code devolves into a mess of nested callbacks. Is single-threaded code sustainable in a multi-tasking, multi-core world? This talk answers that question with an emphatic "yes," thanks to a few simple techniques—most notably Promises.


  • appendTo
  • Enyo
  • Ludei
  • Sencha
  • Appcelerator
  • Twitter
  • Infragistics
  • Code For America
  • DevChix
  • Eclipse Foundation
  • Women Who Code

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