Fluent 2012 Schedule

Below are the confirmed and scheduled talks at Fluent 2012 (schedule subject to change).

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Continental 2-3
9:00am A Sip of CoffeeScript Carlos Souza (Code School), Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft)
1:45pm Writing robust Node.js applications Tom Croucher (Uber)
Continental 4
Continental 5
9:00am Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript Max Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training)
1:45pm Backbone.js: Basics & Beyond Sarah Mei (Ministry of Velocity)
Golden Gate 4-5
9:00am WebGL Up and Running Tony Parisi (Wevr)
1:45pm Canvas Boot Camp Gerred Dillon (Hardmode Studios)
6:00pm Plenary
Room: Golden Gate 6-7
LGBT/Queer Meetup
7:00pm Plenary
Room: Continental (4-5)
12:30pm Lunch
Room: Golden Gate Foyer & East Lounge
12:30pm Plenary
Room: Continental Parlor 6-9 / Golden Gate Foyer & E Lounge
9:00am-12:30pm (3h 30m) Pure Languages
A Sip of CoffeeScript
Carlos Souza (Code School), Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft)
If you enjoy writing JavaScript then you'll really enjoy CoffeeScript, a new language which transcompiles into JavaScript. Inspired by languages like Ruby, Python, and Haskell, it allows you to write less code to get more done. In this course students will learn the basics of CoffeeScript using the Code School in-browser challenge engine.
1:45pm-5:15pm (3h 30m) Node.js
Writing robust Node.js applications
Tom Croucher (Uber)
In this tutorial we are going to build a clustered chat server that supports Socket.io. You'll learn how to build a real-time app that scales, doesn't fall over and is easy to extend and add features to. There are lots of tutorials that will teach you how to throw together some Node.js code. This tutorial isn't that.
9:00am-5:15pm (8h 15m) BusinessJS
The Business of JavaScript
Advances in JavaScript have pushed the boundaries of web applications and allowed business to exist solely on the web. Much of the excitement around HTML5 is actually due to JavaScript, and there is ripe opportunity for companies and technologists to re-examine their business use of this language.
9:00am-12:30pm (3h 30m) JavaScript in the Browser, Mobile Platforms
Breaking HTML5 limits on mobile JavaScript
Max Firtman (ITMaster Professional Training)
With iOS 5, Android 4 and IE9 we can now push the limits of JavaScript and HTML5 APIs on mobile. Hardware access, performance timing and other APIs are out there. However, not everything is similar to desktop: performance, background code and events needs a review. Hybrid apps such as PhoneGap apps also add problems. This session will give you an overview of what you need to know for mobile web.
1:45pm-5:15pm (3h 30m) JavaScript in the Browser
Backbone.js: Basics & Beyond
Sarah Mei (Ministry of Velocity)
The structure of web applications is changing. In the olden days, you'd generate all your HTML on the server and send it down to your clients - boom, end of story, except for maybe a few ajax calls back to the server for interactivity.
9:00am-12:30pm (3h 30m) Ancillary Technologies, Gaming, JavaScript in the Browser
WebGL Up and Running
Tony Parisi (Wevr)
This workshop with Web3D pioneer and 3D expert Tony Parisi will introduce WebGL development concepts in a hands-on session. Attendees will learn how to build a full, working WebGL application by creating a simple online game. Topics covered include graphics, animation, interactivity, 2D/3D integration, production tools and deployment.
1:45pm-5:15pm (3h 30m) Gaming, JavaScript in the Browser, Node.js
Canvas Boot Camp
Gerred Dillon (Hardmode Studios)
HTML5 and modern JavaScript brings a new, wonderful world upon developers that completely changes the vision for the web. This be a deeply technical (and incredibly fun!) workshop covering Canvas and game development. Attendees will leave with an understanding of not only the Canvas APIs - they will will undergo the experience of building a complete Canvas game from scratch.
6:00pm-7:00pm (1h) Events
LGBT/Queer Meetup
It's never too early to start networking at conferences! Grab a drink and bite to eat with speakers Nate Smith and Sean McBride, and other like minds at at this informal meet-n-greet as Fluent gets underway.
7:00pm-8:00pm (1h) Events
Join us Tuesday, May 29 at 7pm for Ignite - a fun, high-energy series of “speed presentations” given by people like you in the JavaScript community.
12:30pm-1:45pm (1h 15m)
Break: Lunch
12:30pm-1:45pm (1h 15m)
To be confirmed


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