Writing robust Node.js applications

Node.js, Continental 2-3
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There are lots of tutorials that will teach you how to throw together
some Node.js code. This tutorial isn’t that. Instead it is designed to
help you write really robust Node.js code. We’ll assume you already
know how to write a basic Node app, and instead we’ll focus on error
handling, clustering and scale.

In this tutorial we are going to build a clustered chat server that
supports Socket.io. You’ll learn how to build a real-time app that
scales, doesn’t fall over and is easy to extend and add features to.

You should have Node.js and Redis installed before the tutorial.

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Tom Croucher


Tom Croucher is a Staff Engineer on the Uber SRE team, probably the fastest-growing technology company in the world. Previously, he was the CTO at Change.org, consulted for clients like Walmart, Nexenta, MySpace, Comcast, and the New York Times, and worked at Joyent on the Node.js team and Yahoo on the homepage team. Tom is the coauthor of the O’Reilly book Up and Running with Node.js and has contributed to a number of web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI). He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including NASA, Tesco, Three UK, and the UK’s Channel 4 Television.

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Picture of Ryan Cline
Ryan Cline
07/11/2012 9:09am PDT

Cool, thanks Tom.

Picture of Tom Croucher
Tom Croucher
07/11/2012 6:52am PDT

Thanks for interest, Ryan. The workshop isn’t available. In general because they are pretty hands on they don’t record very well. Some of the material is available online, but not all of it. You can check out my slideshare account for more info. Feel free to reach out to me directly, too.

Picture of Ryan Cline
Ryan Cline
07/11/2012 6:49am PDT

I attended the Business of JavaScript workshop so was unable to see yours and thinking I could watch it in the videos afterwards. I do not see this workshop in the list on my oreilly account. Was it recorded? Are there plans for getting it there? Do you have a link to your slides. Thanks and I hope to see you next year.

Picture of Tom Croucher
Tom Croucher
06/04/2012 11:58am PDT

Thanks for the feedback, Forrest. It’s always tricky to balance the content for everyone.

I’m happy I was able to make it more accessible but I’d also like to do something more in-depth for people who already have a foundation.

I’ll work with O’Reilly next time to maybe have a small expert session separately from a more entry level tutorial.

Forrest Norvell
06/04/2012 10:03am PDT

Really liked the emphasis on hands-on coding, although it got a bit rushed due to all the material you tried to cover. I already tweeted at you about this a bit, but I was looking forward to the in-depth session promised in the workshop description and was a little disappointed that it ended up being more of a traditional Node.js tutorial. However, it’s great that you were able to broaden it out for a larger audience, and it was useful to see how many people there were running Node on Windows(?).

Also, good jokes! And don’t be so hard on yourself—you’re a great presenter.


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