Backbone.js: Basics & Beyond

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The structure of web applications is changing. In the olden days,
you’d generate all your HTML on the server and send it down to your
clients – boom, end of story, except for maybe a few ajax calls back
to the server for interactivity.

These days, though, it’s becoming more common to build a server-side
API that generates only JSON, and a separate client-side app (in
JavaScript, of course) that consumes it. And Backbone.js a popular
foundation on which those apps are built.

We’ll look at how and why this shift happened, and at the elements of
a well-structured Backbone.js client. I’ll introduce some backbone
patterns that I’ve seen in the wild, and explain when and why you’d
use each one. There will be code!

Photo of Sarah Mei

Sarah Mei

Ministry of Velocity

Sarah Mei has been a software developer for fifteen years and a Ruby/JavaScript developer for seven. A founder of RailsBridge, an initiative to bring more diversity to the Ruby community, she’s a recent Pivotal Labs alum and is now running The Ministry of Velocity, a small software consultancy. She lives in San Francisco near the beach, where it is never warm enough to go swimming.


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