Functional programming with Streams in Node.js

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In node, one of the most powerful abstracts you deal with are the EventEmitter and Stream models, specifically, the ability to pipe streams to another without the need for buffer.

However, as you progress as a developer in dealing with streams, you often find yourself spending a inordinate amount of time dealing with control-flow. In this session, I’ll discuss how to utilize functional programming streams and techniques to transform and control the flow of node Streams without the need for buffering or complex state management.

I’ll cover extending the EventEmitter and Stream objects, the basics of functional programming and function programming lazy streams, and then show you how to combine the two for world domination!

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Adam Crabtree

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Adam Crabtee works for HP webOS on node.js supporting the Enyo.js framework. He runs BayNode, and founded Dallas.node. He authored an asynchronous trycatch library for node.js, and is working to bring package management to the browser via tiki.js. Currently, he is working on Hermes, a pluggable VFS back-end and API for Ares, the Enyo.js browser-based IDE.

Find him at @CrabDude and infrequently at


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