JavaScript Parser Infrastructure for Code Quality Analysis

Pure Languages, Continental 2-3

Modern web frameworks, libraries, and applications will grow to be more complex. Maintaining the quality of such complex system is far from trivial. However, the currently available tools do not grow fast enough to accomodate the exploding need for advanced code quality analysis, likely due to the lack of the building blocks to build such high-level tools. One of the missing blocks is a future-looking JavaScript parser. This talk discusses the development of Esprima, a new JavaScript parser designed from the ground-up to be readable, high performant, easily extensible and able to accommodate future ES Harmony features. Since the parser output is a simple JSON-formatted AST, a few further tools have been built, among others source minification and rewriting, function tracing, static analyzer, run-time complexity profiling, and many more.

Photo of Ariya Hidayat

Ariya Hidayat


Ariya Hidayat is a passionate technologist with over a decade of experience working with different levels of hardware and software. Although he likes math and physics, after finishing his dissertation on fiber optic transmission system, he opted to try a new thing and bootstrapped his professional software career. He has been involved with different open source communities, writing code for projects like KDE, Qt, and WebKit. Currently he is working as Engineering Director for Sencha, a Silicon Valley startup focusing on web technologies.


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  • Infragistics
  • Code For America
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  • Eclipse Foundation
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