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Gaming JavaScript in the Browser Node.js, Golden Gate 4-5
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HTML5 is becoming very well covered, including people creating very robust Canvas and WebGL based demos. However, like most topics in graphics programming and gaming, the barrier to entry can be high, quality knowledge can be scarce (by comparison), and knowledge of helper libraries such as Easel.js or Three.js don’t serve to truly help a developer understand topics ranging from drawing a circle onto a screen, to physical interactions, all the way to background scrolling, depth sorting, and isometric tile mapping. This workshop serves to bridge the gap and get developers interested in graphics and game programming to be ravenous about developing games on the web.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, specific to getting the user to build a fully functional game – with basic Node.JS multiplayer if time permits. It will be a rebuild of a game that I intend to open source soon – with many of the elements I spoke of before. For those not necessarily interested in the gaming aspects, the long format will allow it to be broken into two pieces – the first workshop session will spend a lot of time coming to understand Canvas, graphics, and animation in themselves without going too deep into applying those topics into gaming.

There will be no helper libraries that obscure the meaning of this talk – it will be code, code, more code, with illustrations and examples to back everything up. I believe that the effort made to assemble this amount of material will provide developers interested in gaming and graphics a massive resource.

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Gerred Dillon

Hardmode Studios

Gerred Dillon enjoys games. He also enjoys making games. Outside of working with Unity3D, SDL, and Cocos2D, Gerred is a veteran web developer who now spends his time in the Canvas and WebGL arena with his independent game studio, Hardmode Studios.

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Gerred Dillon
04/05/2012 11:02pm PDT

Hi Mark,

My server was having issues and I ended up having to fix the VPS it was on. It’s up now!

Mark Phillips
04/02/2012 8:53am PDT

Um, the web site given above for the instructor ( returns a “502 Bad Gateway” error.


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