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June 11–12, 2018: Training
June 12–14, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Web Performance API deep dive

Dan Shappir (Wix)
9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Web services and APIs
Location: 210 D/H Level: Advanced
Secondary topics:  Hands-on, Technical

Who is this presentation for?

  • Web developers and test engineers

Prerequisite knowledge

  • A working knowledge of JavaScript and the DOM
  • Familiarity with web protocols, such as HTTP (useful but not required)

What you'll learn

  • Explore the Web Performance API, from the functions it provides to its integration with various tools, such as Chrome DevTools and WebPagetest.


Performance is currently at the forefront of many, if not most, web development projects. Fortunately, modern browsers provide a wealth of performance-related information and services, which can be used to optimize page load speed and responsiveness. A primary source of such information is the aptly named Web Performance API.

Dan Shappir offers an overview of the Web Performance API and shows how to best use it to extract detailed performance information. You’ll learn how to leverage the Web Performance API in conjunction with browser dev tools and use it for performance monitoring during CI, to prevent regressions, and even in production.

Photo of Dan Shappir

Dan Shappir


Dan Shappir is the performance tech lead at, focusing on making the more than 100 million sites hosted on the Wix platform load and execute faster. Dan has over 20 years of software development experience and has worked on systems ranging from missile trajectory simulations to networked multiuser games to designing and building web apps. He is a frequent speaker at technical conferences. Dan holds an MSc in computer science.

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