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June 11–12, 2018: Training
June 12–14, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Does it NEED to be a PWA?

Tara Z. Manicsic (Progress)
9:50am–10:30am Thursday, June 14, 2018
Web services and APIs
Location: 212 A/B Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Best practice, Developer Experience Track: Tools, Platforms, and Techniques, Hands-on

Who is this presentation for?

Developers, CTOs

Prerequisite knowledge

A general understanding of web applications in any framework or language will be handy. The knowledge that PWAs exist is good but we will cover the rest in detail.

What you'll learn

The attendees will gain a better understanding of PWAs to help the with the planning their next steps for their web apps. They will also have a code base to reference if they choose to make a Vue PWA plus the list of steps for creating one with Angular and React.


Progressive Web Apps use today’s modern web technologies like the service worker API and the manifest.json file to give user’s a better experience. This mostly focuses on user’s accessing their app using a mobile phone because practically everyone is using their phones to access the web and in some cases that is the only way they are doing so. These technologies help users gain access to app content independent of the strength or existence of their network and let’s the app connect to the user whether or not they have the app open, thanks to service workers. The question I want to address in this session is whether or not these advantages are, in fact, advantageous to the users of your app. In talking about each of the benefits Progressive Web Apps bring to users we will talk about different scenarios of when this would be beneficial and when it may be overkill. There has been talk on the twittersphere of why people would make their blogs PWAs, do people really need a push notification every time you make a new post? Probably not. If your app lists housing properties in an area that is in high demand and one just came on the market that matches your user’s criteria, I believe they would want you to let them know ASAP. After discussing these aspects, we’ll step through the code of how to create a useful PWA using the Vue CLI.

Photo of Tara Z. Manicsic

Tara Z. Manicsic


Tara (@tzmanics) is a life-long student, teacher and maker. She has spent the majority of her career using Javascript on both back-end and front-end to create applications. In her free time she works in her community to educate and learn from other developers. Tara launched the Cincinnati Chapter of Women Who Code and Co-Chairs the Cincinnati branch of NodeSchool. Beyond code, she likes to make things with other materials (wool, solder, clay, etc.) and hike any mountain she can get to with here trusty sidekick, #toshmagosh.

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