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June 11–12, 2018: Training
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How to stay sane while managing complex state in Vue.js

Hassan Djirdeh (Shopify)
9:00am–9:40am Thursday, June 14, 2018
Frameworks and Libraries
Location: 210 D/H Level: Beginner
Secondary topics:  Best practice, Developer Experience Track: Tools, Platforms, and Techniques, Technical

Who is this presentation for?

Developers/engineers/leads interested in appropriate ways of managing data within the context of Vue.js

Prerequisite knowledge

A very basic understanding of core JavaScript and Front-End principles.

What you'll learn

# What props are and how to use them for parent-child data flow in Vue components. # What Vue custom events are and their purpose. # How to use custom events to create a global Event Bus for application wide communication. # How to build a small global store for simple state management. # What Vuex is, explanation of the Flux architecture and the importance of the flux-like pattern for data management.


Vue gives us multiple different ways to manage data between components such as using props, individual custom events, an event bus, a simple store and/or Vuex. This talk will highlight with real-world examples:

  • What props are and how to use them.
  • What custom events are and when should they best be used.
  • How to set up a global event bus for application wide event listening, and the cons associated with this approach.
  • How a global event system can be refactored to a simple global store that is shared between components.
  • The limitations of having a simple store and why/how at some point, Vuex is the most appropriate method for managing state for medium to large applications.
  • Ways to organize and architect the structure of an ever-growing Vuex store:
    – By separating a Vuex store into modules
    – Dividing a module by it’s state, mutations, actions and getters by exporting these in separate files
    – By using constant Mutation Types within a single file
Photo of Hassan Djirdeh

Hassan Djirdeh


An engineering graduate and a self-taught web developer, Hassan is currently a Front End Developer for the App Platform team within Shopify. Prior to being at Shopify, Hassan wore different hats as a Technology Consultant within Deloitte Digital, helping different clients build and scale their front-end applications.

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