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June 11–12, 2018: Training
June 12–14, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Go Offline First to Save the World

Maureen McElaney (IBM Watson Data Platform)
9:00am–9:40am Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Performance and UX
Location: 210 A/E Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Case study, High-level, Web Pillars Track: Performance, Security, Accessibility

Who is this presentation for?

App Developers, Web Developers, UX Professionals, Architects

Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees need to have an understanding of how web apps are built and about the basics of developing apps for performance. A basic understanding in the concepts of UX would also be helpful.

What you'll learn

The audience will learn about the importance of focusing on performance for web app development and will walk away with a deeper understanding of progressive web apps and offline first apps. They will learn about successful offline first projects that are helping people in the developing world and about the community that is forming around the Offline First movement. They will also learn about some of the key areas where focus is still key and problems still need to be solved in regard to Offline First apps.


In Vermont, we don’t take great connectivity for granted, so why do we expect great connectivity of the users of our apps? What if you need to access important information in a situation where offline is the reality? From supporting hospitals in Africa to providing electric power to Haiti to supporting families in rural Alaska, the Offline First approach to application development is truly saving the world. This session will uncover the approaches used in successful real world examples of Offline First and show you the tools and techniques that will allow you to build the same kinds of things. Offline often happens much closer to home, in the shadow of skyscrapers for example, so gaining the skills for building offline capable apps will enable you to deliver a robust and reliable mobile web experience wherever your users are. There is a growing community around the Offline First movement. This session will introduce you to this community, as well as popular resources for Offline First development, and show application development teams how you, too, can save the world.

Photo of Maureen McElaney

Maureen McElaney

IBM Watson Data Platform

Maureen McElaney is a Developer Advocate at IBM Watson Data Platform and enjoys broadening IBM’s understanding and involvement in open source communities. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a QA Engineer at and is passionate about building tools that increase developer productivity and joy. She is an experienced community builder, founding her local chapter of Girl Develop It.

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