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June 19–20, 2017: Training
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San Jose, CA

Top 10 DevOps questions that have raised more questions than answers (sponsored by Atlassian)

Mike Tria (Atlassian), Julian Dunn (Chef Software Inc.), Brandon Cipes (cPrime), Tommer Wizansky (AutoGrid Systems)
9:50am–10:30am Thursday, June 22, 2017
Location: 212 CD (Sponsored)
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Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic familiarity with DevOps

What you'll learn

  • Explore some of the most popular yet most contentious DevOps questions


For a number of early adopters, the results of DevOps have ranged from higher business value to increased employee and work satisfaction. Those just starting to explore DevOps are left wondering how to catch up and get ahead. There are a lot of questions but fewer answers, and even the DevOps community is divided when asked to answer some of the most basic questions.

Mike Tria asks experienced DevOps practitioners Rajeev Singh, Julian Dunn, and Brandon Cipes what they think about some of the most popular yet most contentious DevOps questions: Are roles with DevOps in the title real? How do I convince my lead or CTO that there are quantifiable benefits of doing DevOps? Who is winning the battle of DevOps automation versus culture?

This session is sponsored by Atlassian.

Photo of Mike Tria

Mike Tria


Mike Tria is the head of infrastructure at Atlassian, where he is responsible for the care and feeding of Atlassian’s cloud platform. His team is distributed around the world and provides SRE support, a common compute/storage platform, and Atlassian’s PaaS. Mike spent a few years in cloud-native startups, running engineering and data science. He also spent some time at Ning, running platform development for large-scale social networks before it was cool. He loves all things reliability and scale in the cloud.

Photo of Julian Dunn

Julian Dunn

Chef Software Inc.

Julian Dunn is a senior product manager at Chef Software, where he has helped launch Habitat, Chef’s application automation and delivery solution, as well as InSpec and Chef Compliance, Chef’s security automation product. Previously, Julian spent 15 years as a systems administrator and software engineer in industries ranging from broadcasting, advertising, and internet security to online media and finance. You can find his very occasional writing online at or more frequently on Twitter at @julian_dunn.

Photo of Brandon Cipes

Brandon Cipes


Brandon Cipes is vice president of DevOPs at cPrime. Brandon has spent his career overhauling and refactoring teams, systems, software, and processes to bring the best solutions possible to all variety of technical and business challenges. He began in research, has been a part of multiple startups (one was even successful), moved on to corporate America, and now consults to organizations looking to modernize their approach to technology. He has a proven track record of conceiving and delivering large scale projects on time, utilizing the latest in cloud technology and the Agile and DevOps methodologies. Brandon is focused on people with a history of building teams, nurturing a healthy and productive culture, and developing sustainable solutions across multiple industries.

Tommer Wizansky

AutoGrid Systems