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March 7–8, 2016: Training
March 8–10, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA
Jonathan Beebe

Jonathan Beebe
iOS Developer, Ramsey Solutions

Website | @bejonbee

Jon Beebe is an iOS developer for EveryDollar on Dave Ramsey’s Digital Development team. His primary role is on the frontend of iOS, creating beautiful and compelling interfaces. He has a passion for typography, UX, and product design. Jon wakes up each day to experience the abundant life God intended, exceed his wife’s expectations, and build products that bring hope to their users.


2:15pm–2:45pm Wednesday, 03/09/2016
Jonathan Beebe (Ramsey Solutions)
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Typography pervades most facets of our modern lives. We can learn a lot from typography's rich, colorful history as well as from the modern trends that affect every aspect of the design and development of digital products. Jonathan Beebe demonstrates the most effective uses of typography to influence users and explores the current set of problems designers must grapple with. Read more.