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March 7–8, 2016: Training
March 8–10, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA
Jen Looper

Jen Looper
Developer Advocate, Telerik

Website | @jenlooper

Jen Looper is a Boston-based web and mobile developer specializing in cross-platform educational and fitness apps for iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle, and Windows Phone. As a developer advocate at Telerik, Jen enjoys meeting other developers to talk about innovations in frontend technologies. You can view her portfolio at Jen is passionate about hardware hacking and has launched to teach kids about science and programming by means of the internet of things.


12:00pm–12:30pm Wednesday, 03/09/2016
Hardware Salon 1/2
Jen Looper (Telerik)
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Using Google's new Eddystone beacon protocol, web developers have an opportunity to create great web experiences that can bridge the mobile, web, and physical spheres. Jen Looper explores how a beacon's URL broadcast can trigger a visit to a website that can unlock a physical box. Who needs to build a mobile app? Let beacons take care of guiding your user experience. Read more.