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San Francisco, CA

Thursday O'Reilly author signings

10:45am–4:30pm Thursday, 03/10/2016
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Author book signings will be held in the O’Reilly booth on Thursday. This is a great opportunity for you to meet O’Reilly authors and get a free copy of one of their books. Complimentary copies will be provided for the first 25 attendees. Limit one free book per attendee.

10:45am Douglas Crockford, JavaScript: The Good Parts

10:45am Kyle Simpson, Up & Going and ES6 & Beyond

3:30pm Jason Strimpel & Maxime Najim, Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps (early release)

4:00pm Stephen Corona, nginx (early release)

4:00pm Jason Strimpel & Jarrod Overson, Developing Web Components