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Globalization Pipeline: Translations at cloud speeds (sponsored)

Steven Atkin (IBM)
9:35am–9:40am Wednesday, 03/09/2016
Sponsored Salon 8/9
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Today’s developers want to rapidly build cloud applications and make them available to as many users as possible, as fast as possible. The great news is that over the last several years, there have been numerous innovations in cloud technologies, such as Bluemix and Cloud Foundry, to make this happen. However, when it comes to translating applications, things have not changed very much. Developers still need to package up their translatable content, send it off to translation vendors, and wait around for their translations to be completed. This waterfall approach to translation is a true pain point for app developers, as it violates the key principles of DevOps and continuous delivery.

IBM understands that in today’s lightning fast world of rapid and continuous delivery, developers need a more streamlined and automated approach to translation. IBM is now making available a new Bluemix service called Globalization Pipeline. Steve Atkin explains how Globalization Pipeline seamlessly integrates real-time machine translation and persistent human postediting capabilities into your DevOps build, test, and deploy infrastructure, enabling you to innovate and deploy your apps at your own speed, on your own schedule, at the same time you expand your global markets.

This session is sponsored by IBM.

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Steven Atkin


Steven Atkin is the chief globalization architect at IBM and is responsible for establishing the globalization strategy for IBM products. Steve has been working on globalization issues at IBM for 20 years and now focuses on globalization challenges encountered as developers transition to the cloud. He is responsible for the architecture for IBM’s Globalization Pipeline service on IBM Bluemix.