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March 7–8, 2016: Training
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San Francisco, CA

Quality, equality, and accessibility

Laura Palmaro (Google)
9:40am–9:50am Wednesday, 03/09/2016
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For me, accessibility is personal, not hypothetical. Like many visually impaired users, I rely on assistive technology and the ability to use browser and operating-system features to customize user interfaces to my needs.

But accessibility goes beyond any single group of users: at its core, it’s about creating interfaces with the highest possible degree of flexibility and usability. This boils down to a few key ideas, and if we keep those in mind at all stages of the development process, we can create products of the highest possible quality from the start and avoid expensive accessibility retrofitting.

The state of accessibility on the Web is rapidly improving. Learn how we can continue this upward trajectory using the rich array of tools and learning resources now available.

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Laura Palmaro


Laura Palmaro is the accessibility program manager for the Chrome and Chrome OS teams at Google. Laura collaborates with the engineers, designers, and product managers to make Chrome accessible and usable across platforms, for people of all abilities. She also leads various accessibility workshops and trainings around the country for teachers of the visually impaired, advocacy organizations, and special education classrooms. Due to her personal experience with disability, Laura believes that technology has more power now than ever to transform lives, and progressing accessibility has become her true passion.