The Web Platform
March 7–8, 2016: Training
March 8–10, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA

Containers and more to get your service running at the scale you need

Steve Pousty (Crunchy Data)
5:15pm–5:45pm Thursday, 03/10/2016
Average rating: ****.
(4.20, 10 ratings)

Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees should be familiar with Docker and web applications.


You keep hearing about containers, and maybe you have even played with Docker. Now, it’s time to move beyond Docker. Steve Pousty demonstrates how to run and manage Docker-based apps in production. Steve will level set with a quick introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift so you understand some basic terminology. From there, it’s all demo—spinning up Python and PostgreSQL, integrating code from GitHub, and making some shiny JSON spatial services—as Steve shows how to scale (both manually and automatically) the pieces of the application as load increases and covers some best practices in using containers when going to production with an application.

Photo of Steve Pousty

Steve Pousty

Crunchy Data

Steve is a Dad, Son, Partner, and Director of Developer Relations for Crunchy Data (PostgreSQL people). He goes around and shows off all the great work the PostgreSQL community and Crunchy Committers do. He can teach you about Data Analysis with PostgreSQL, Java, Python, MongoDB, and some JavaScript. He has deep subject area expertise in GIS/Spatial, Statistics, and Ecology. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences and done over 100 workshops including Monktoberfest, MongoNY, JavaOne, FOSS4G, CTIA, AjaxWorld, GeoWeb, Where2.0, and OSCON. Before Crunchy Data, Steve was a developer evangelist for DigitalGlobe, Red Hat, LinkedIn, deCarta, and ESRI. Steve has a Ph.D. in Ecology. He can easily be bribed with offers of bird watching or fly fishing.