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March 7–8, 2016: Training
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San Francisco, CA

The first pull request

Kent C. Dodds (PayPal)
4:30pm–5:00pm Wednesday, 03/09/2016
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Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees should have a general understanding of Git and GitHub.


“Feel free to submit a pull request.” For some, this is a welcome invitation, but for many developers, pull requests are intimidating, discouraging them from contributing to the community. Kent Dodds demonstrates how easy and fun it is to create a pull request as a first timer.

To open source newcomers
You, open source newcomer, can be a valuable contributor to the open source community. We need you here. We want your input and contributions. But getting over that initial hump of contributing can be a real challenge. I call this the first-timer’s dilemma. You want to contribute, but you don’t know how, or you’re afraid your pull request (PR) won’t get merged. You’ll learn that it’s less frightening and easier to get started than you think, as you become familiar with the common patterns and processes you need to understand in order to contribute to an open source project.

To open source project maintainers
You, open source project maintainer, are the lifeblood of the open source community. Developers power open source. The more people finding, reporting, and fixing bugs or adding/removing features the better. You have the power to help newcomers overcome the first-timer’s dilemma. You’ll see what challenges first-timers often face and how with just a few extra minutes of your time, you can help tear down these barriers and make your project more friendly to contributors (including first-timers).

Whether you’re new to open source or a pro, Kent will help you as we strive to make the open source community more open and friendly.

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Kent C. Dodds


Kent C. Dodds is a JavaScript engineer at PayPal. He hosts JavaScript Air, a live-video-broadcast podcast about JavaScript, and is the author of angular-formly. He’s also an instructor. Kent lives in Utah with his wife and three kids. He cares about craft, design, and architecture and likes to talk about it.

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Picture of Kent C. Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
10/30/2015 1:05am PDT

I’m really looking forward to giving this talk! If you’re a project maintainer or a new comer, please reach out to me! I’d love to ask you some questions to help me prepare my talk: