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Birds of a Feather Networking Sessions at ETech

Below are the scheduled BoF sessions. Check the BoF Board outside the Imperial Ballroom for more topics and times.

Location: Crystal Room Level: Novice
Moderated by: Paul Tarjan
The Semantic Web holds the promise of enabling search engines to understand webpages better than ever, leading to greater opportunities in how information can be presented to users. SearchMonkey is a Yahoo! Search application platform that promotes the structuring of the Web among site owners and developers. Attend to learn more about SearchMonkey and discuss our use of structured markup. Read more.
Location: Crystal Room Level: Novice
Moderated by: Alex Shah
Mobile will be the way people use the Web of the future: the only debate is how quickly the transformation will happen: 3 or 5 years. An introduction will be provided on how to avoid the proprietary nature of new mobile platforms and leverage Web 2.0 to build killer, cross-platfrom apps. Those interested in mobile should attend and share their experiences. Read more.
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • IEEE
  • Make magazine
  • Orange Labs