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Daniel Rehn

Daniel Rehn
Creative Director, Playpower Foundation

Website | @daniel_rehn

Daniel Rehn is an artist, designer, and researcher.

He is the Creative Director for the Re:Game lab and Playpower — a foundation that designs and distributes learning games for developing countries with a low-cost ($12) computer.

Daniel and Adam Robezzoli are currently developing the LA Game Space — a non-profit interdisciplinary lab in Los Angeles that will offer artist residencies and public programs.

Rehn also conducts research at Calit2 with Lev Manovich and Jeremy Douglass — they are pioneering “cultural analytics” (the visualization and algorithmic understanding of pop culture and the humanities).


Computing, Developing Markets
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Derek Lomas (The Playpower Foundation), Daniel Rehn (Playpower Foundation), Jeremy Douglass (U. California San Diego)
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Half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day and has minimal access to education. The Playpower Foundation is using a radically affordable $12 computer, based on an old video game console technology (now in the public domain) as an 8-bit platform for learning games. Global poverty meets 8-bit design constraints--with only an open source community of 8-bit hackers in the middle? Read more.
Exploring the intersection of 8-bit art, culture, gameplay and learning by playing with open hardware and software.
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