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Chris Luebkeman

Chris Luebkeman
Director for Global Foresight and Innovation, Arup


Dr. Chris Luebkeman is a bridge
builder of many kinds. He is a third
generation educator who has been
formally educated as a geologist,
structural engineer and architect
who believes that successful design
cannot be separated from breadth
of knowledge and steadfast inquiry.
Prior to joining Arup in 1999, he
taught in the Departments of
Architecture at the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology [ETH] in
Zurich, the University of Oregon,
the Chinese University of Hong
Kong, and at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology [MIT].

His industry funded research
program at MIT, which continues
today, is entitled ‘house_n; MIT’s
intelligent home of the future.’ This
is a technology and tectonic
exploration of the integration of the
digital with the physical.

He continues to utilize his broad
interests and enthusiastic belief in
our zeitgeist in his current position
as Director for Global Foresight and
Innovation at Ove Arup & Partners
( headquartered in
London. His experiences have
enabled him to specialize in being a
generalist with a view to being “in
league with the future.”

Chris joined Arup to become joint
Director of Research and
Development. He co-led a group of
over fifty of the firm’s most highly
skilled and technically able
individuals. He was responsible
for developing the role of the group
with a focus on design research. He
has enjoyed a particular
responsibility within the Arup Group
for encouraging and mentoring
innovation projects.

Chris is an active facilitator and
motivational speaker. He lectures
widely [51 cities in 26 countries in
2006-2008] on the future,
sustainability, and innovation, as
well as on research at Arup.

facilitated the creation of an
eCommerce strategy, initiated a
series of research projects on the
future and is constantly encouraging
lateral thinking. He is a member of
Arup’s Design and Technical
Executive which promotes the
highest standards of design and
technical skill to ensure that Arup is
one of the world’s leading
practitioners in its chosen fields.

He is currently spending most of his
time and energy building a better
understanding of the way in which
the driving forces of global change
should be incorporated into more
effective global business strategies.
His current role puts him at the
forefront of understanding where
‘things are heading’ and enables
Arup to be there first.


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