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Liz Henry

Liz Henry
Web Producer, BlogHer

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Liz Henry is a producer and developer at BlogHer, the award-winning aggregation, syndication and advertising network for women bloggers. She has been writing online since 1990, drafted the Common Public Attribution License for SocialText, and has been a key figure in organizing BarCampBlock, WoolfCamp, the Tiptree Awards and Wiki Wednesday. She has been a wheelchair user for fifteen years, and is a proud member of the Secret Feminist Cabal.


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Liz Henry (BlogHer)
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Wheelchairs aren't any more complicated than bicycles, but they cost a ridiculous amount of money. They shouldn't. Neither should other simple accessibility and mobility equipment. You can't stand up all day at your desk, but you don't need a doctor to prescribe you a $6000 office chair. Open source gadget designs will help create a truly healthy industry and a culture of free invention. Read more.
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