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Shawn Allen

Shawn Allen
Partner, Design Director, Stamen Design

Website | @shawnbot

Shawn is a designer, programmer, and partner at Stamen. A jack of all trades and master of many, he takes an active role in both the conceptual design and technical implementation of Stamen’s dynamic information visualization systems.

A Connecticut native, Shawn moved to San Francisco in 1999 to pursue a formal fine arts education. But the pull of a career in the frenzied dot-com era proved too strong, and in 2000 he began working alongside Michal Migurski at a short-lived start-up. After several tumultuous years in the web design business he changed gears and developed the user interface for a console-based edition of the “Sims” video game franchise at Maxis. Shawn began working with Stamen in 2005 and became our third partner in January 2006. In his free time he makes music, rides bikes, climbs rocks, and travels around the world.


City Tech, Computing, GeoLocation, Mobile and The Web
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Michal Migurski (Stamen Design), Shawn Allen (Stamen Design)
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Designers and developers are advancing the state of online mapmaking at a dizzying pace. The introduction of global slippy maps in 2005 represented a new era of interactivity and sophistication in geographic user interfaces. Are we on the cusp of another such leap? Stamen says yes, and shows what new work and new advances are being made to push the envelope still further. Read more.
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