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Cherie Ve Ard

Cherie Ve Ard
Technomad, Technomadia

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Being a small business software entrepreneur and a heart filled with wanderlust, Cherie has always had a mobile working lifestyle in mind. It wasn’t a big leap for her to take her business on the road when the time came and completely leave behind a permanent home and office. Give her access to the internet, a little power and a laptop – and she’s all set.


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Chris Dunphy (Technomadia), Cherie Ve Ard (Technomadia)
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Why wait until retirement to explore the world? Two Gen-X geeks decided to give up their conventional homes almost three years ago to create a conscious merging of life, work, sustainable living, and adventure. They share their adventures, practical advice, and insights to living nomadically on the road while utilizing mobile technology to operate their lives and tech businesses. Read more.
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