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Timothy Childs

Timothy Childs is a successful chocolate entrepreneur, with previous experience co-founding and launching Cabaret Chocolates, an early pioneer of single-origin chocolate with distribution through Whole Foods and other national outlets. Prior to his initiation in the chocolate industry, he worked on machine vision with NASA’s Space Shuttle program, and launched several early-stage companies in the internet and computer graphics industries. Timothy has a deep background in community building, and was a cofounder of both VeRGe and Web3D RoundUP. Timothy’s other obsessions are paragliding and video timelapse projects.


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Timothy Childs (TCHO ), Maribeth Back (FX Palo Alto Laboratory)
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What happens when high-tech chocolate factory meets high-tech research lab? TCHO of San Francisco is a new kind of chocolate factory, founded by a Space Shuttle technologist and a chocolate industry veteran. TCHO is working with FXPAL, a high-tech research lab in Silicon Valley, to apply emerging technologies in clarifying end-to-end chocolate production processes. Read more.
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