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David Merrill

David Merrill
President, Co-founder, Sifteo

Website | @siftables

David Merrill is currently finishing his Ph.D. in the Ambient Intelligence Group at the MIT Media Lab. Before MIT he was at Stanford (BS ‘00, MS ’02), where he studied human-computer interaction and cognitive science, and built new instruments for electronic music. David’s work is in the area of interfaces and systems for ubiquitous information access and manipulation, and his expertise encompasses product invention, design, and implementation (hardware + embedded firmware + software + wireless communication). His latest project, in collaboration with Jeevan Kalanithi, is Siftables – the world’s first general-purpose, distributed, inch-scale tangible user interface platform.

David’s work has been featured in meetings such as Siggraph, CHI and Maker Faire, and publications such as PC Magazine, ID Magazine, and The Boston Globe.

David is from Santa Cruz County, California.


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David Merrill (Sifteo), Jeevan Kalanithi (Taco Lab LLC)
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We've built a new type of interface that brings computation into our physical and gestural world: a set of cookie-sized, gesturally aware, neighbor detecting wireless displays that act together as one interface. We call them Siftables. People live in and know about the physical world. Computers should too. Read more.
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