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Derek Lomas

Derek Lomas
Graduate Student at UC San Diego, The Playpower Foundation

Website | @cognotron

Derek Lomas, MFA, is a scientist and artist who currently directs the Social Movement Laboratory at the California Institute of Telecommunications and Technology (Calit2) at UC, San Diego.

The Social Movement Laboratory, founded by Mr. Lomas and Natalie H.M. Jeremijenko, is a hybrid arts laboratory researching the aesthetics and dynamics of social activity.


Computing, Developing Markets
Location: Empire Room Level: Novice
Derek Lomas (The Playpower Foundation), Daniel Rehn (Playpower Foundation), Jeremy Douglass (U. California San Diego)
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Half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day and has minimal access to education. The Playpower Foundation is using a radically affordable $12 computer, based on an old video game console technology (now in the public domain) as an 8-bit platform for learning games. Global poverty meets 8-bit design constraints--with only an open source community of 8-bit hackers in the middle? Read more.
Exploring the intersection of 8-bit art, culture, gameplay and learning by playing with open hardware and software.
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