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Mark Simpkins
co-founder, geeKyoto


Mark Simpkins is an online activist and artist, who is the co-founder of geeKyoto and also the founder of ‘This Is Our Algorithm’. He has worked on civic software projects such as which started the craze to make government documents open and annotatable. He also worked with some other volunteers to build both and for the 2005 UK General Elections. He runs a small consultancy, NodalResearch, on the use of online tools for social and civic software solutions and has been technical consultant for the Design Against Crime Research Centre based at Central St. Martins in London. He is also a Senior Technical Project Manager at the BBC and blogs intermittently at


The UK is riddled with the most CCTV in the world, yet no one knows where it all is. Camscape rectifies this by facilitating accurate user-generated maps of every corner of the country, ultimately producing faithful 3D landscapes of the state of surveillant vision. Extensive mapping is encouraged through a competitive online gaming environment where social networks win "points per pixel."
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