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Chris Patil

Chris Patil
researcher, Buck Institute for Age Research

Website | @DoNotGoGently

I am a biogerontologist (a molecular and cellular biologist of aging) currently working to understand the changes in gene expression that occur during cellular senescence, a fundamental aspect of the aging process in mammals.

My past training is in studies of cellular stress; as a graduate student, I was an early adopter of microarray expression profiling technology. My thesis project combined microarray technology with classical genetic analysis and computational modeling to allow a study of cellular stress responses at the whole-genome scale.

I try to bring an open, collaborative and interdisciplinary perspective to my experimental work. I’m particularly excited about a new multi-institute collaborative project that will test dozens of hypotheses about the mechanisms of aging in dozens of different species, in parallel.

When I’m not working at the bench, I write about recent developments in biogerontology at my weblog, Ouroboros: Research in the biology of aging .


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Chris Patil (Buck Institute for Age Research)
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Chronological age is the primary risk factor for lethal conditions such as cancer, yet we spend the vast majority of our resources on a disease-by-disease basis, "treating the symptoms" without addressing the underlying cause. Patil will describe and defend our efforts to understand the biological basis of aging, as well as efforts currently underway to intervene in the aging process. Read more.
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