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Rose White

Rose White
sociologist, City University of New York - Graduate Center / NYC Resistor

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I’m a doctoral student in sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center, a member of the hacker space NYC Resistor, and a blogger for monochrom. Over the years I’ve been an English major (at Louisiana State University), a doctoral student in Renaissance Studies (at Yale), an administrative assistant, a yarn shop owner, and a freelance copy editor. My first computer was a TRS-80 with a cassette drive for storage, while my most recent is a Thinkpad T41 covered in stickers. My best language is English; maybe someday I’ll catch up in German. I used to write erotica but now I mostly just hang out with people who do.


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Rose White (City University of New York - Graduate Center / NYC Resistor )
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A "hacker space" and a "community center" sound like different places, but spaces organized in the last year, like NYC Resistor and HacDC, have merged the two. These are cross-disciplinary, self-organized, adult-education centers, mostly focused on technology, with heavy detours into related sciences and crafts, and they are alive with learning. You could build one in your city, too! Read more.
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