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Colleen Crary

Colleen Crary
Manager, IEEE Standards Association, IEEE Standards Association


Colleen Crary is a veteran of the global corporate workforce in strategic marketing and new business development, offering support to emerging technology businesses.

Creating consumer-centric products and programming is one of her specialties, listening to the voice of the customer (VoC) and creating cross-organizational teams to realize consumer solutions. With a knack for bringing business and technology interests together in mutually beneficial alliances, she forms and leads productive teams that deliver revenue.

She has also worked for investors to help commercialize and bring to market new programs, products and services, driving new product development, creating new markets, and adding positive growth to existing markets. This includes the formation and leadership of (peaceful) productive teams that consist of technological, science and financial interests.

Her clients have included Siemens, IEEE, Toshiba, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Nortel, Panasonic, T-Mobile, Sanyo, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Sony, AT&T, D-Link, Kingston, Lexar Media, LG Chem, Motorola, Philips, SanDisk, Sprint, Texas Instruments, and Hewlett Packard.


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Location: Valley Room Level: Novice
William E. Lowell (Business Development Directives), Colleen Crary (IEEE Standards Association)
In this highly interactive and energetic workshop, participants will learn from each other, joining technology experts and IEEE-SA ProductNEXT presenters in shaping the future of technology standards. We want to hear from you. How could today’s standards be improved for emerging technologies? Do standards restrict or slow new technology processes? Read more.
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